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Contract Logistics: Sustained Growth and High Demand

2023-12-29 14:47:56
Contract Logistics: Sustained Growth and High Demand

Persistent Surge in Contract Logistics and Warehousing Demand

Flourishing Contract Logistics Market

Sustained Growth of Contract Logistics

Contract logistics continues to show promising growth potential and is projected to maintain its growth trajectory. At present, only 30% of the market share has been outsourced. The global contract logistics market’s growth rate (4.1%) consistently outpaces the GDP (2.7%) across various regions. By 2024, the growth rate is anticipated to hit 4.4%. The future of the outsourced logistics sector remains optimistic.

In a recent poll, 56.6% of third-party logistics respondents indicated their desire for retailers to outsource more logistics tasks. 71.7% of respondents predict that multichannel/omnichannel retailers are the most likely to outsource logistics functions. Strategic realignment.

Geopolitical strains may result in ongoing supply chain disruptions and uncertainties. As a result, companies are starting to seek diversified production sites to mitigate supply chain disruptions. Additionally, nearshore investment in Mexico is on the rise, with foreign direct investment increasing by 5.8% year-on-year in May.

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