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Providing comprehensive logistics services, including intermodal transportation, full container load (FCL) and warehousing capabilities, ensuring that goods are transported safely, on time and efficiently from source to destination, meeting the various transportation needs of global customers.

US Overseas Warehouse line

The advantages of our overseas warehouse in Los Angeles, USA include: ample space (50,000 square feet), customs clearance and delivery services, intermodal transportation capabilities, air freight, sea freight and delivery services, and the ability to handle goods locally. These advantages enable us to provide customers with efficient and convenient international logistics solutions.

US Overseas Warehouse
Korean Overseas Warehouse

Korean Overseas Warehouse line

We have overseas warehouses in South Korea, mainly responsible for air transportation between South Korea and Hong Kong, and transporting goods to Europe and the United States, which greatly shortens transportation time and improves transportation efficiency. All types of shipments, large or small, can be handled locally, ensuring safe, on-time delivery.

Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

Our logistics solutions focus on providing efficient and reliable services. We utilize advanced technology and experienced teams to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time.

  • Intelligent Tracking System
  • Optimize Transportation Routes
  • Automated Warehousing Management
  • Customs Clearance Services
  • Insurance Service Provision
Who We Are

Who We Are

Our main business includes international express service (UPS/DHL/FEDEX) export business, US shipping, and US warehousing. In 2018, we became a first-level agent of UPS Hong Kong and cooperated directly with UPS Hong Kong to provide customers with more efficient and cost-effective services. We are committed to helping customers achieve their global business goals through efficient logistics solutions and excellent services.

Our Advantage


We have established strong strategic partnerships with major logistics companies such as UPS, DHL, and Fedex in Hong Kong. We get very competitive and stable freight rates from China to all over the world, and during the peak season, we are under space protection. We offer the following range of services - •Full container loading •Customs clearance and delivery •Multimodal transport.

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Order Process

Our strictly adheres to the international freight logistics process. From coordinating pickup and consolidation of goods, managing warehousing, arranging multimodal transportation, to handling customs clearance and final delivery, we ensure a seamless and reliable service.

  • step1


    Efficient goods collection: We ensure rapid and orderly collection, expertly coordinating logistics to gather your goods efficiently.

  • step2


    Secure warehousing: Our warehousing provides top-notch security and optimal storage conditions, safeguarding your merchandise with precision.

  • step3


    Reliable transportation: We offer dependable and versatile transportation solutions, ensuring your cargo arrives on time, every time.

  • step4


    Customs clearance facilitation: Our experienced team streamlines customs processes, guaranteeing fast, hassle-free clearance for your shipments.

Our Service

How do Customers Evaluate Us

Our customers majorly include world tank lessors, operators, logistic companies, end users, etc.

Outstanding service from this international logistics company. Timely shipments, excellent communication, and reliable tracking. The customer service team was always available, providing prompt and helpful responses to my inquiries.Truly exceeded my expectations for overseas freight. Highly recommend!


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Ouality Control

<h2>Ouality Control</h2>

Ouality Control

<h2>Ouality Control</h2>

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